The VCU Staff Senate offers support for the needs and concerns of the diverse staff of VCU and VCU Health. 


What is the purpose of the VCU Staff Senate? 
The VCU Staff Senate provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among staff, administration and faculty of VCU and VCU Health, addressing concerns, issues and needs.

What events does the VCU Staff Senate sponsor?
In support of the growth and development of both staff members and the university community, VCU Staff Senate sponsors several signature events, including:

  • Marquita Aguilar Walk-a-thon: an annual scholarship fundraiser that recognizes VCU juniors and seniors who can demonstrate past or current community service.
  • Staff Professional Development Conference: a yearly event dedicated to professional development, networking and workshops for staff and team members. 


Who makes up the VCU Staff Senate?
The VCU Staff Senate consists of 50 full-time staff members from VCU and VCU Health, as well as 24 alternates, who each serve a three-year term.

How do I become a Senator?
Senators and alternates are elected by the existing Staff Senate body. Vice Presidents of the university and the VCU Health are notified of the names of senators and alternates elected. Participation requires a supervisor’s approval and support. Appointees must be full-time staff who have been employed for a minimum of one year and possess exemplary work ethics, leadership traits, interpersonal abilities, communication skills and commitment to the missions of VCU and the VCU Health. Appointments are representative of the diversity of job classifications, race, sex and age categories.

If you are interested in serving on the VCU Staff Senate, complete the nomination form or contact the Senate Chair.

What are the requirements of participation?
The VCU Staff Senate meets monthly and attendance at Senate meetings is mandatoryEach Senator must serve on at least one standing committee. Senators may also be selected to serve on other university or Health System committees. VCU Staff Senate participation carries no compensation as overtime or secondary employment.

What are the benefits of serving as Senator?
Senators have the opportunity to receive first-hand knowledge of institutional issues, strengthen their networking abilities and improve communication skills. Most importantly, staff Senators have an opportunity to participate in both VCU and VCU Health decision-making processes.