About the Awards

These awards are the premier university awards offered within VCU, for staff members, by staff members - of the VCU and MCV campuses including VCU Health.

In 2013, the VCU Staff Senate asked Senator Ken Hudgins to represent the Staff Senate on the newly formed Great Place Initiative (GPI) Steering Committee. Shortly thereafter, Ken became Co-Chair of the GPI's Awards and Recognition Sub-Committee. The sub-committee’s goal was to review the awards VCU offered and to explore creative ways to move forward in expanding the recognition of VCU employees.

It was discovered there were far fewer awards recognizing staff than those provided to other university professionals, and the need to increase opportunities to recognize staff became clear.

At the March 2015 monthly meeting of Staff Senate, Ken motioned and the Senate passed a resolution to create and establish a committee to address the need for employee recognition, which put into motion our efforts to create university-level awards to recognize staff. 

Over the next 2 years, the committee worked diligently to establish the individual awards, create each award's distinct criteria, create metrics for consideration that maintained high ethical standards, and acquire the appropriate Senate approvals for the monetary awards.

The Staff Senate then attained the requisite VCU leadership and HR approvals necessary to introduce them as university-level awards (not subject to the limits set forth in the classified policy) for the VCU and MCV campuses. 

The awards focus on five key areas: Integrity, Diversity & Inclusion, New Employees, Staff Advocacy and Career Achievement. The awards provide the deserved exposure and recognition of the hard work and extraordinary achievements of staff, which make VCU the great place it is today.

When something great happens, news tends to spread rather quickly. Today we see many departments, divisions and units setting up various award committees and establishing awards for their employees, efforts we hope will continue to grow.

VCU knows that recognition is an important factor in maintaining a great workplace, and it is our hope that our awards will add to that sense of greatness and strengthen the staff’s commitment to our values.

Any employee of VCU or VCU Health may nominate an eligible individual for an award. However please do not nominate a member the VCU Staff Senate Awards and Recognition Committee for one of these awards; such nominations will be respectfully declined for consideration.


The 2019-20 VCU Staff Senate

Awards & Recognition Committee

Ken Hudgins (Chair)

Caroline Boyd

Valarie Carter

Alice D. Chambliss

Cherrie Dantzler

Shula Dove

Portia Ford

Adriene Hall Johnson

Mikki Jung

Pamela Mason

Richard McNeil

Laura M.N. Osborne

Sharon Wright