Staff Advocacy Award

Up To Two Recipients (one for the VCU campus and one for the MCV campus), $1,000 Each



  • A $1,000 monetary award
  • Professional certificate for the award winner
  • Live presentation at the spring Career Development conference in March
  • Photographed and recognized on VCU Staff Senate web page
  • Letter of recognition to VCU President and department head of the employee


The VCU Staff Senate Staff Advocacy Award is an honor awarded to an outstanding employee who has contributed to the advancement, benefit and well-being of VCU and/or VCU Health staff. The honor is awarded to an employee whose actions can only be described as truly extraordinary. The recipient of this award is a leader who views staff members as valuable and whose interactions within the university foster a positive workplace culture. The individual consistently strives, encourages, and advocates for staff excellence.


Any non-probationary salaried employee of VCU or VCU Health in good standing who has been employed for a minimum of three years. 


The VCU Staff Senate Awards & Recognition Committee will review nominations and determine all winners. Please complete all required information requested and submit nomination online.

Please write a minimum 500 words why your nominee should be honored with the VCU Staff Senate Award for Staff Advocacy. The Awards & Recognition Committee will want to know how you arrived at making your nomination. Please describe fully all actions the nominee has done to support your nomination. Please include special consideration for the areas below.

  • Detail accomplishments and achievements the nominee has performed in advocating for VCU and/or VCU Health staff members.

  • Describe the benefits from the nominee’s advocacy


PLEASE NOTE: All award decisions will be based on information submitted by the nominator. Please feel free to include any letters of recommendation, outstanding comments or other documentation from the nominee's co-workers, supervisor, manager, or individual students or faculty members in support of your nomination




If you are experiencing issues accessing the nomination form or uploading documents, please contact 

Thank you.