The Accessibility and Inclusion Working Group (A&IWG) is an entirely volunteer group of staff members. We work to ensure the perspective, priorities, and needs of people with disabilities are reflected in decisions and policies at VCU. Our mission is to advance accessibility by partnering with decision and policy-makers, identify and address community-identified barriers, and broadly champion inclusivity with a focus on people with disabilities. 

ADA Accommodations at VCU

VCU’s ADA/504 Coordinator ensures compliance with the ADA and the Accessibility and Reasonable Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities Policy. The coordinator focuses on workplace accommodations and accessibility. If you have a disability and need an accommodation, we strongly encourage you to reach out directly to the coordinator. The coordinator will treat all information received as privileged and confidential.

ADA Services Office:


Chat with us

While the A&IWG is not part of the ADA Office and cannot provide accommodations, we can offer advice, provide information about the ADA policy and process, offer resources, or simply talk with you. If you have questions or concerns and want to talk with someone before taking official action, we are here to help. Reach out to us at or directly to Katie Cappuccio at We will never share your information.

NOTE – The A&IWG is not affiliated with the ADA office. For your own privacy and safety, please do NOT include any sensitive or medical information.


Request a Meeting Companion

Requesting an ADA accommodation or disclosing a disability can feel frightening. It may be the first time someone has spoken candidly about how a disability affects them. Many people have faced challenges for months or even years and are understandably frustrated. Many people experience anxiety, feel vulnerable, or uncomfortable.

We can attend as a reassuring, informed companion to support you as you pursue an accommodation. Again, the AaIWG is not part of the ADA Office or EAS, and cannot provide accommodations. We can, however, offer a support system for those who need or want it.

If you would like a Staff Senate member of the A&IWG to accompany you during a meeting with the ADA/504 Coordinator, we may be able to help. Please reach out to us at for more information.

Please email Katie Cappuccio for more information at


  • Katie Cappuccio (Co-Chair)
  • Carletta Wilson (Co-Chair)