The Committee's Mission is to set the standard for future employee recognition that all University personnel, departments, and units can ultimately benefit.

Historically, the Awards & Recognition Committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at a place to be determined. Often times, this meeting falls on Tuesday just before the Staff Senates monthly meeting.  Great ideas are developed at our meetings and we want to HEAR YOURS! You're invited! If you haven't already joined, send an email to Ken Hudgins at 

We will soon be creating a meeting scheduled for our next project, Employee Appreciation Week. 

2019-2020 Members List

  1. Ken Hudgins (Chair)
  2. Caroline Boyd
  3. Valarie Carter
  4. Alice D. Chambliss
  5. Shula Dove
  6. Adriene Hall Johnson
  7. Mikki Jung
  8. Pamela Mason
  9. Richard McNeil
  10. Laura M.N. Osborne
  11. Sharon Wright