The HR committee serves as a liaison between the HR function at VCU and the Staff Senate. Working closely with HR, the HR committee ensures any policy changes, institution-wide initiatives, or other significant HR-related measures are developed with the input of the VCU employee population. Further, the committee assists HR in communicating these initiatives to the Senate and the broader employee population to ensure the VCU community is fully informed and able to participate in the governance of the institution.

  1. Connie Peyton (Co-Chair)
  2. Delores Armstrong (Co-Chair)
  3. Simone A Biasuzzi
  4. Agnieszka Chojecka
  5. Warran Dawson
  6. Chanda Diep
  7. Christopher Garland
  8. Genesha Gibson
  9. Audrey Horner
  10. Seneca Lofton
  11. Latanya Shelley