Online Forum 

The Staff Senate will be hosting a live online Staff Forum on Thursday, May 21 at 3-4:30 p.m with VCU and VCU Health leadership to answer your questions related to COVID-19. You can stream the event from the video player located below. 
Questions must be submitted in advance to the COVID-19 question form found here: Question intake deadline will be Wednesday, May 20 at noon to ensure HR can accurately respond to each question before the Staff Senate Forum. Any questions received after that point will be answered, but not until after the meeting.


COVID-19 Poster

Kaltura Stream

If you have any trouble with the video player below, please use this direct link to view the live stream:

Please note, the forum was a live stream event and was not recorded. However, please visit the VCU employee questions page for answers to the question that you may have. Additionally, if you are a VCU Healthy employee, they have created their own FAQ page. Please note you will need VCU Health credentials to visit the website - VCU Health employee questions page. If you have questions that you would like to ask senior leadership, please submit your questions through our question submission form.

This is Staff Senate Forum Presentation Power Point.