Administration Meta-unit

General Information:

The Administration meta-unit represents the following MBUs:

  • FM Administration MBU
  • FM Construction MBU
  • FM Planning and Design MBU
  • FM Real Estate Services MBU
  • Human Resources MBU
  • Parking and Transportation Services
  • PPD Admin
  • Public Safety And Security MBU
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Technology Services MBU
  • VP for Administration MBU
  • University Space Management
  • Office of Sustainability
  • E and U Admin
  • E and U Operations

As of 4/23/21, the Administration meta-unit represents 695 classified and UAP employees. There are 14 representatives. These numbers will be updated prior to the nomination period. 


Current Representative(s):

This list includes the current Staff Senators that represent this meta-unit. After the elections, this list will be updated. 

  • Holly Dean
  • Ken Hudgins
  • Lisa Beggs
  • Chris McDonald
  • Hannah Steighner
  • Jason Meade



Your meta-unit received fewer nominees than open seats therefore no election is necessary. Nominated individuals will represent you in the Staff Senate. For more information about your nominees, see the Nominees section below.


Election Winners:

These are the new representatives of this Meta-Unit:

  • Lisa Beggs
  • Chris McDonald
  • Hannah Steighner
  • Jason Meade



The following individual(s) were nominated for your meta-unit:



Lisa Beggs

No candidate statement was provided.








Chris McDonald

My family has a farm out in Gloucester with horses, goats, pigs and ducks that I help maintain in my spare time. We're currently cultivating lavender as well, to create a field. When i'm not busy with all that jazz, you'll probably find me fencing with longswords in a historical european martial arts tournament, playing guitar, buried in a video game or cooking in the kitchen. I like long walks through Jurassic Parks, dramatic Quantum Leaps, call boxes that are bigger on the inside and loud parties with magical creatures in secret gardens. Also, don't touch my desk, it has laser raptors.

 I'm bright, alert, and attentive; always looking for a new challenge to ultimately better serve VCU's people and its mission!

Hannah Steighner 

I am a Senior IT Consultant at Technology Services and have worked at VCU since 2010 in past roles managing and working in IT support operations. In my current role I consult on service improvement initiatives to enable my department and customer departments to see increased productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in their operations. Additionally, I serve as Project Manager for the continual development of the IT Service Management solution (Cherwell) and coordinate the Disaster Recovery Program for Technology Services.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to meet and work with many of my colleagues in Technology Services and beyond. I've developed strong professional relationships with many different people, and have an understanding of their roles and the unique challenges they face. I would be honored to serve as a Staff Senator to act in the best interests of the staff members I represent, to work alongside them to identify the changes they'd like to see, and to work with others to advocate for the best interests of all employees at VCU.



Jason Meade

I have received an AS in General Physical Sciences, a BS in Clinical Radiation Sciences, a Masters in Healthcare Services Administration, and a post-Bac Certificate in Disability Leadership. I have served in the US Navy as a Nuclear Machinist on submarines, as a Radiation Therapist, a Medical Physicist, and a Safety Specialist (as well as in customer service, construction, and animal care). I have served on the Research Safety Committees, Institutional Review Board, and Emergency Response Planning Committee at previous employers, and currently serve on VCU’s Institutional Animal Care and USE Committee (as well as several IACUC sub-committees). I have done a large amount of volunteer work with a number of organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross, and a number of groups at VCU (including work with the Honor’s College, The Well, and several VCU Alumni groups). I currently live in the woods to the east of Richmond.

I grew up watching Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, went to a small town church where serving the community and putting others’ needs above one’s own were the standard, and spent many years in the Boy Scouts of America. The growth of this foundational service oriented mindset was further fostered during 6 years of military service, several years providing treatment and patient care as a radiation therapist, and significant experience in the health and safety field at both a veterans healthcare facility and here at VCU, a public university. Service before self has always been the underlying principle upon which my daily life operates.