Education Meta-unit

General Information:

The Education meta-unit represents the following MBUs:

  • School of Education

As of 4/23/21, the Education meta-unit represents 170 classified and UAP employees. There are 3 representatives. These numbers will be updated prior to the nomination period. 


Current Representative(s):

This list includes the current Staff Senators that represent this meta-unit. After the elections, this list will be updated. 

  • Heather Martin
  • Jennifer Tennison
  • Sandra Mazzoli


Your meta-unit received equal or fewer nominees than open seats therefore no election is necessary. Nominated individuals will represent you in the Staff Senate. For more information about your nominees, see the Nominees section below.


Election Winner(s):

These are the new representative(s) of this Meta-Unit:

  • Heather Martin
  • Jennifer Tennison
  • Sandra Mazzoli


The following individual(s) were nominated for your meta-unit:

Sandra Mazzoli

I work at the School of Education as the Coordinator of Graduate Programs and I've been with VCU since 2004.

I'm interested in shared governance and ensuring the voices of my colleagues in the School of Education are part of the conversation.


Jennifer Tennison

Jennifer Tennison is a VCU alumni and has been a staff member at VCU for seven years. For the past three years, Jennifer has worked as an Academic Affairs Coordinator in the School of Education. Jennifer is interested in serving as a staff senator in order to advocate and represent the staff point of view on importation University issues. Additionally, she is interested in making connections with staff members across the University and ensuring her colleagues at the School of Education stay informed and involved on matters related to VCU staff and Staff Senate.


Heather Martin

Heather Martin has been with VCU since June 2010 working at the Massey Cancer Center until May of 2019 when she transitioned to the School of Education as a Research Administrator. From 2020-2021, Heather was the School of Education (SOE) Staff Council Chair developing professional development opportunities for staff, redesigning the bylaws to be more inclusive of satellite offices, and advocating for staff needs with SOE leadership.