Humanities and Sciences Meta-unit

General Information:

The Humanities and Sciences meta-unit represents the following MBUs:

  • College of Humanities and Sciences

As of 4/23/21, the Humanities and Sciences meta-unit represents 140 classified and UAP employees. There are 3 representatives. These numbers will be updated prior to the nomination period. 



Current Representative(s):

This list includes the current Staff Senators that represent this meta-unit. After the elections, this list will be updated. 

  • Corey Martin
  • Andrea Wight
  • Stephanie Hart



Your meta-unit received equal or fewer nominees than open seats therefore no election is necessary. Nominated individuals will represent you in the Staff Senate. For more information about your nominees, see the Nominees section below.


Election Winner(s):

These are the new representative(s) of this Meta-Unit:

  • Corey Martin
  • Andrea Wight
  • Stephanie Hart



The following individual(s) were nominated for your meta-unit:

Corey Martin

My name is Corey Martin, and I am an HR Coordinator with the Psychology Department. I have worked at VCU as staff since 2012, and have lived in Richmond since 2007.

I am interested in serving on the Staff Senate as an effort to bring my time, energy, and institutional knowledge to this body and bolster, in any way, efforts for staff advocacy at VCU. From 2017 to 2021, I served on the College of Humanities and Sciences Classified and Academic Professional Staff (CAPS) Council, with the last two years granting me the privilege of occupying the role of CAPS Vice President. As my tenure on CAPS has drawn to a close, I am looking for the next step forward in furthering and upholding staff support and interests at VCU. I hope my candidacy will be considered and to be able to work with the Staff Senate in the coming days.


Andrea Wight

I have served in many capacities for over 20 years in public higher education. I started my career at the University of Massachusetts Boston, a student-centered urban public research university. When I moved to Richmond 3 years ago, I saw that VCU was similar to UMass Boston, and realized that was where I wanted to be. I am fortunate to be the administrative specialist in the history department since March 2019.

I have a deep appreciation for public higher education and for VCU's values of integrity, respect, accountability, diversity, collaboration and a commitment to service excellence. I strive to live up to those values each and every day. One of the most valuable lessons I learned in my time at UMass Boston is the importance of collaboration and connecting with others. This is especially true in a large, and some would say, siloed organization.

If elected to the VCU Staff Senate, it would be a tremendous opportunity to connect with other people across the university, to listen to their stories, learn, grow, work with others to search for solutions to problems, and find ways to make VCU even better.


Stephanie Hart

No candidate statement was provided.