President Meta-unit

General Information:

The President meta-unit represents the following MBUs:

  • Athletics MBU
  • Audit MBU
  • Equity and Access Services
  • Office Of President MBU
  • Office of University Counsel MBU
  • VP for Inclusive Excellence MBU
  • VP Government Relations MBU

As of 4/23/21, the President meta-unit represents 152 classified and UAP employees. There are 3 representatives. These numbers will be updated prior to the nomination period. 


Current Representative(s):

This list includes the current Staff Senators that represent this meta-unit. After the elections, this list will be updated. 

  • Carletta Wilson



Your meta-unit received fewer nominees than open seats therefore no election is necessary. Nominated individuals will represent you in the Staff Senate. For more information about your nominees, see the Nominees section below.


Election Winner(s):

These are the new representative(s) of this Meta-Unit:

  • Carletta Wilson


The following individual(s) were nominated for your meta-unit:


Carletta Wilson

No candidate statement or description was provided.