Senators and Alternates

Ashley  Staton

Ashley Staton, Vice President
Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost of Planning and Decision Support

Austin  Higgs

Austin Higgs
Operations Coordinator

Beni  Meyers

Beni Meyers
Senior Enrollment Counselor

Beth  Goodloe

Beth Goodloe
Simulation Center Coordinator

Brittany  Taylor

Brittany Taylor
Alumni Relations and Stewardship Specialist

Caroline  Boyd

Caroline Boyd
Department Administrator

Carrie  Carroll

Carrie Carroll
Public Relations Coordinator

Chanda  Diep

Chanda Diep
Office Manager

Christopher  Garland

Christopher Garland
Senior Information Technology Engineer

Connie  Peyton

Connie Peyton
Coordinator for Institutional Assessment and Survey Reporting

DeBorah  Barry

DeBorah Barry
Accounts Receivable Specialist

Delores  Armstrong

Delores Armstrong
Director, Finance and Human Resources

Demmie  Pennix

Demmie Pennix
HR Administrator

Dineishia  Brown

Dineishia Brown
Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Dottie  Walsh

Dottie Walsh
Grant Specialist

Duane T Busby

Duane T. Busby
Equipment/Applications Specialist II

Eileen  Truax

Eileen Truax
Quality Assurance Inspector

Erin  McClinton

Erin McClinton, Communications Officer
Executive Assistant & Office Manager, Audit and Compliance Services

Evandro  Moreno

Evandro Moreno
Webmaster, School of Business

Felita  Tucker-Battle

Felita Tucker-Battle
Manager, Budget and Administration

Florence M Johnson

Florence M. Johnson
Programs and Events Coordinator

Gabrielle  Hallion

Gabrielle Hallion
Resource Sharing and Delivery

George  Kelly

George Kelly
Assist. Director, Business & Personnel Services

Holly  Dean

Holly Dean
Radiation Safety Supervisor

JaBari  Scott

JaBari Scott
Applications Analyst

Jennifer  Brown

Jennifer Brown
Administration Operational Support

Kayla E Watts

Kayla E. Watts
Clinical Placement Coordinator

Ken  Hudgins

Ken Hudgins
Operations Specialist

Kimberly D Whitfield

Kimberly D. Whitfield
Executive Assistant to the Dean

LaTina  Pitts

LaTina Pitts
Executive Assistant to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Lauren  Katchuk

Lauren Katchuk
Business Manager, VPs Office of Student Affairs

Leah  MacDaniel

Leah MacDaniel
Administrative Specialist

Leanne  Marshall

Leanne Marshall
Research Administrator

Margaret  Edwards

Margaret Edwards
Administrative Assistant

Meghan  Wright

Meghan Wright
IRB Education Manager

Mikki  Jung

Mikki Jung
Information Technology

Monica  Banks

Monica Banks
Program Coordinator

Natalia  O'Brien

Natalia O'Brien
Administrative and Program Specialist

Nick  Fetzer

Nick Fetzer, President
Director of Sponsored Programs, Life Sciences

Phyllis  Dennis

Phyllis Dennis
Clinical Trial Insurance Coordinator

Sania  Marcoccia

Sania Marcoccia
Financial Services Specialist

Sara  Featherolf

Sara Featherolf
SCMA Program Coordinator

Stacy  Metz

Stacy Metz, Senate Chair
Administrative Assistant, School of Engineering

Steve  Kuchta

Steve Kuchta
Information Security Manager

Thelma  Mack

Thelma Mack, Operations Manager
Research and Education Coordinator

Wren  Wyatt

Wren Wyatt
Development Coordinator