The Staff Senate Career Development Committee provides and supports career and professional development learning opportunities to VCU staff, faculty and students in the form of conferences, workshops and information about available appropriate and relevant learning opportunities. 

Our regular meetings will be held on the 1st Wednesday of every month, 3 - 4 pm. Meeting locations will alternate between MPC (Cabell Library, room 311) and MCV campus (Tompkins-McCaw Library, room 2010). Dec 4th, 2019 meeting will take place in Tompkins-McCaw Library,  3:00 pm. Contact Thelma Mack, if you would like to join the meeting via Zoom.


  1. Thelma Mack (Co-Chair)
  2. Natalia O'Brien (Co-Chair)
  3. LaToya Blizzard
  4. Dineishia Brown
  5. Jennifer Brown
  6. Priscilla Clayborne
  7. Laura Foy
  8. Chante Henderson
  9. George Kelly
  10. Beni Meyers
  11. LaTina Pitts
  12. Pamela Spratley
  13. Matthew Springer
  14. Jamie Taylor
  15. Felita Tucker-Battle
  16. Adriene Johnson
  17. Brian Artis

More to come!