The Benchmark Award For New Employee

$500 - Up To Two Recipients

The nomination period is closed as of February 7, 2023


  • A $500 monetary award for up to two recipients
  • Professional certificate and trophy for the award winners
  • Recognized at an award ceremony on May 25, 2023
  • Photographed and recognized on VCU Staff Senate web page
  • Letter of recognition to VCU President and department head of the employee


The VCU Staff Senate will present this award to a salaried VCU or VCU Health staff member who has served with VCU or VCU Health no longer than three years. The recipient shows promise in their field and is making a large impact on the VCU community in the short time (six months to three years) that they have been a part of the university.


  1. Nominees must be a salaried VCU or VCU Health staff member in good standing for at least six consecutive months, but no more than three years from their first day of working.
  2. Nominees may not have received any sort of University or Health System New Employee Award within their first three years of employment.


The VCU Staff Senate Awards & Recognition Committee will review nominations and determine all winners. Please complete all required information requested and submit nomination online.


  1. Please write a statement of at least 250 words explaining why this staff member should be honored with The VCU Staff Senate Benchmark Award for New Employee. The Awards & Recognition Committee will want to know how the nominee has addressed one or more of the criteria below:
    • Nominee demonstrates leadership and provides guidance in interacting with the VCU community.
    • Nominee has contributed -- above and beyond -- to departmental advancements using their creativity and/or analytical skills to solve problems and/or overcome challenges.
    • Nominee goes above and beyond expectations by enhancing the internal/external customer experience
  1. Nominations for this award requires one additional letter of recommendation from someone other than the nominator.
  2. Additional letters are optional. While additional letters are optional, please understand that more supporting documentation will give the review committee a more complete picture to assess the contributions of the nominee.


All award decisions will be based on information submitted by the nominator. Please feel free to include any letters of recommendation, outstanding comments or other documentation from the nominee's co-workers, supervisor, manager, or individual students or faculty members in support of your nomination.

All awards of The Staff Senate Awards of Excellence are reserved for members of the Classified Staff and the Academic & University Professionals employee classifications of VCU and the staff of VCU Health. Nominations are made by their fellow staff members. Faculty, please retain your nominations for the faculty awards of your choice.

If you are experiencing issues accessing the nomination form or uploading documents, please contact

Thank you.