Awards for Excellence for VCU and VCU Health Employees
sponsored by the VCU Staff Senate

After many years of hard work and collaboration, the VCU Staff Senate is thrilled to announce that nominations for VCU and VCU Health staff for each of the following five annual honors will be accepted, starting July 1 through August 31, 2018:

  • Integrity Award
  • Staff Advocacy Award
  • New Employee Award
  • Career Achievement Award
  • Champion of Diversity and Inclusion Award

To see more information for each award and review nomination criteria, please click on the award. There will be a link to a Google form for nominators to submit their nominations on each award's page. Please note that these are awards are considered university awards.

Any employee of VCU or VCU Health may nominate an eligible individual for an award; however, if the nominator is a member of the VCU Staff Senate Awards and Recognition Committee, he or she will not be permitted to participate in the determination of the recipient of that particular award. Please do not niminate a member the VCU Staff Senate Awards and Recognition Committee for one of these awards; such nominations will be respectfully declined for consideration.

The VCU Staff Senators on the Awards and Recogntion Committee for the 2017-18 academic year are:

Ken Hudgins - Chair
Florence Johnson
Kimberly Whitfield
Dineishia Brown
Holly Dean
Saher Randawha
Erin McClinton
Alice Chambliss
Chanda Diep
Laura Osborne
Felita Tucker-Battle
Chante Henderson
LaTina Pitts
Sara Fetherolf
Meghan Wright