Election Results

Congratulations to the newly elected Staff Senators! The Staff Senate will reach out to the new members in the upcoming week.  An 'N/A' denotes there were no nominated representatives for that specific Meta-Unit:



  • Lisa Beggs
  • Chris McDonald
  • Hannah Steighner
  • Jason Meade


  • N/A 

Arts Qatar:

  • N/A 


  • N/A

College of Engineering:

  • N/A

College of Health Professions:

  • Brenda Brown

da Vinci Center:

  • N/A


  • Darlene Johnson

Development and Alumni Relations:

  • Brogan King
  • Ashley Hanel


  • Heather Martin
  • Jennifer Tennison
  • Sandra Mazzoli

Finance and Budget:

  • Chris Straus

Health Sciences:

  • N/A

Humanities and Sciences:

  • Corey Martin
  • Andrea Wight
  • Stephanie Hart

L.D. Wilder Government and Public Affairs:

  • Collin Cox


  • Elizabeth Quamme


  • N/A


  • Janet Wooten


  • Carletta Wilson

Provost and Academic Affairs:

  • Samara Reynolds 
  • Katina Velentzas 


  • Michele Armstrong

Social Work:

  • N/A

Student Affairs:

  • Noura Allen
  • Donte Sharpe
  • Amanda Simmons 

University College:

  • N/A

University Relations:

  • Camille Coy

VCU Life Sciences:

  • N/A



This is an exciting time for the VCU Staff Senate. In 2021 we will hold our first university-wide elections in many years, and hope to grow to nearly 80 members!

For the first time ever, the Staff Senate will seek to have representation from all meta-units within the university. For more information on these meta-units, and to find out your meta-unit, please visit the meta-unit break down. You can nominate employees and will be able to vote for your nominations on your Meta-Unit page. 

Elections will occur in the Summer of 2021. As we move closer to the election date, more information will be added to the website, so please check back in the future.

If you are unfamiliar with the Staff Senate, check out this video on what Staff Senators have to say about being a part of the Staff Senate.


Elections Eligibility:

All non-faculty, full-time VCU employees with at least one year of service are eligible to run and serve as senators.


Election Background:

In the past, the VCU Staff Senate has allowed members of the VCU community to join through self-nomination or through school/departmental appointments. Staff Senators currently serve 3-year terms. This has led to some units being under or over represented within the Staff Senate.

In order to facilitate a more representational Staff Senate we will host elections this upcoming Summer (2021). Senators elected through this new process will continue to serve 3-year terms.


Election Process:

The election process will occur in two phases:

  • Nomination Phase
  • Election Phase

The nomination phase will provide an opportunity for VCU staff members to either nominate themselves or another full-time staff member to serve in the Staff Senate. There is no limit to the number of nominees a meta-unit may put forward.

The election phase is when members of each meta-unit will be able to vote for candidates nominated within their meta-unit to represent them. Each meta-unit is granted a proportionate number of seats in the Staff Senate based on the number of employees within each unit, and ranked-choice voting will be used to elect incoming senators.

Any unfilled seats at the end of the election will be allocated to ‘at-large’ staff volunteers.



You will be able to nominate yourself or another employee using a Google Form located on your Meta-unit page.  The nomination period will be open from 6/1/21 until 6/25/21.


Meta-Unit Break Down:

The table below outlines the different meta-units, the MBU that compromise the meta-unit, the number of current employees in the meta-unit, and the number of seats given to the meta-unit, and the number of open seats during the election. The number of employees and the number of seats will be updated in May with an accurate count of employees and Staff Senate seats. If you do not know your MBU, check out these instructions on how to find your MBU using Talent@VCU.

Meta-Unit MBUs Number of Staff* Number of Staff Senate Seats Number of Open Seats**
Administration FM Administration MBU
FM Construction MBU
FM Planning and Design MBU
FM Real Estate Services MBU
Human Resources MBU
Parking and Transportation Services
PPD Admin
Public Safety And Security MBU
Safety and Risk Management
Technology Services MBU
VP for Administration MBU
University Space Management
Office of Sustainability
E and U Admin
E and U Operations 
695 14 8
Arts School Of The Arts MBU 59 1 1
Arts - Qatar Qatar Campus MBU 19 1 1
Business School Of Business MBU 92 2 2
College of Engineering College Of Engineering MBU 96 2 0
College of Health Professions College of Health Professions MBU 51 1 0
da Vinci Center daVinci Center MBU 7 1 0
Dentistry School Of Dentistry MBU 50 1 0
Development and Alumni Relations  Development MBU 99 2 0
Education School Of Education MBU 170 3 0
Finance and Budget Budgeting And Resource Analysis MBU
Business Services MBU
Procurement Operations MBU
Treasury Services MBU
University Controller MBU
129 3 1
Health Sciences Massey Cancer Center MBU
VP For Health Sciences MBU
183 4 1
Humanities and Sciences College of Humanit and Sciences MBU 140 3 0
L.D. Wilder Govt & Pub. Affairs L D Wilder Sch of Govt & Pub Affrs 45 1 0
Medicine School Of Medicine MBU 603 12 8
Nursing School Of Nursing MBU 41 1 0
Pharmacy School Of Pharmacy MBU 49 1 0
President Athletics MBU
Audit MBU
Equity and Access Services
Office Of President MBU
Office of University Counsel MBU
VP for Inclusive Excellence MBU
VP Government Relations MBU
152 3 2
Provost and Academic Affairs ALT Lab
Global Education Office MBU
Graduate School MBU
Honors College
Institute for Contemporary Art MBU
OCPE Offc of Cont & Profess Educ
Offc of Strategic Enrollment Mngmnt
Office Of The Provost MBU
Student Success
VCU Libraries MBU
Community Engagement and Impact MBU
409 9 0
Research VP Research MBU 204 4 3
Social Work School Of Social Work MBU 29 1 1
Student Affairs Student Affairs (Vice Provost) MBU 254 5 0
University College University College 6 1 1
University Relations VP University Relations MBU 72 1 0
VCU Life Sciences Life Sciences MBU 12 2 0

*This number represents full-time Classified and UAP employees at VCU. 

**The number of open seats for the election. Current Staff Senators will be able to retain their membership through the election and will represent their meta-unit. In the event where a meta-unit would otherwise have no additional seats due to the current population of Staff Senate filling all seats, we’ve added an additional seat to allow all meta-units the opportunity to vote.


Major Business Units:

Below is a drop down list of all Major Business Units (MBUs). When you select your MBU, you will be taken to the appropriate Meta-Unit page. If you do not know your MBU, check out these instructions on how to find your MBU using Talent@VCU.


Elections Timeline:

  • Begin communication about the new election process - Starting now 
  • Nomination phase - 6/1/21 - 6/25/21 (To nominate an employee, visit your Meta-unit page to find the nomination form.)
  • Election phase - 7/19/21 - 7/31/21
  • Initiation of new Staff Senators - August 2021 Staff Senate Meeting


Elections Townhall:

The Staff Senate will host a town hall via Zoom on Tuesday, May 25 at 12:00 PM to answer questions and provide information about the upcoming elections process. Please join us with your questions and comments!



Please check out our FAQ Page. If you have a question about the election, contact us at staffsenate@vcu.edu

Learn more about the Staff Senate and our elections process by watching this video, which was recorded as part of the "Together We Transform” career development conference.